My Information

The chief recording engineer of CBS/SONY Studio Tokyo and senior engineer of NHK broadcasting technology bureau is held successively.
Related to the production of the music of all genres like pop, jazz, and classics, etc.

Guest Professor of Senzoku Gakuen music college

Participation society
AES Fellow member
IPS   member
JAPRS directer 

Recording Academy member

The Super Concert 1997: Japan professional music recording prize
AES JAPAN Award 1999
AES Fellowship Award 2001
NHK chairman’s special Award 2002
The Symphony towards a “Bupposo-bird” 2007: Japan professional music recording prize

Mariss Jansons Bayerischen Rundfunks Beethoven Symphony No62013 Japan professional music recording prize

As a program
Satoyama 2000: International High-definition Video grand prise , UNESCO Award, Italy Award
Satoyama II 2005: Italy Award, International eight Award
The Symphony towards a “Bupposo-bird”2007: ABU Award
Torrent Chaina 2007: Monte Carlo TV festivalGold Medal,World media festival in Germany gland award




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